Activating your Stratocast™ account

2022-01-27Last updated

To be able to use Stratocast™, you must activate your Stratocast™ account once you receive your activation email.

What you should know

A user only receives an activation email once their username is assigned to an account for the first time. If the username gets assigned to another account subsequently, the user only receives an email confirming their registration to this new site, and activation is not required. Also, users who have been deleted and then added again must re-activate their Stratocast™ account.


  1. Sign in to your user account from your identity provider (for example, Microsoft's Windows Live ).
  2. Click the activation link in your welcome email.
    Important: If you do not have this email in either your Inbox or Spam (or Junk) folders, contact your service provider.
    You are redirected to Stratocast™'s activation page.
  3. Click on the first step to sign out of your user account.
    This prevents the wrong account from being associated with your log on. Clicking the Sign Out button will open the logon homepage in a new tab. You can safely close this new tab and move back to the previous one, where the Log On button is now enabled.
    Your identity provider's sign-in page opens in a separate tab.
  4. Reselect the browser tab with Stratocast™'s activation page, and then click on the second step to sign in to your user account again.
    Note: If you are logging on for the first time, the Windows Azure Access Control Service (ACS) page is displayed. Select Remember this approval and then click Allow.
    After a few seconds, your Stratocast™ account is active.
  5. Click Connect to Stratocast™ and then log on using your user account from your identity provider.