Stratocast™ accounts

2020-07-23Last updated

A Stratocast™ account is a collection of user-related and geographical information for a given company in a given location, and the arrangement with which that company can use the services offered by Stratocast™. There are two types of accounts: integrator accounts and client accounts.

In Stratocast™, every user is registered to one or more Stratocast™ accounts. To create a Stratocast™ account, every user must have a unique username, which is comprised of a valid email address from one of the following identity providers:
  • Google
  • Microsoft (only Windows Live ID)
  • Yahoo!
  • Organizational Account: An organization account is a Microsoft work account and should not be selected if your organization uses another provider.

After the user has been created, Stratocast™ sends an activation email to the email address defined in the username. The user must activate the account for it to be valid in Stratocast™. Within Stratocast™, the access privileges and tasks that a user is allowed to perform is defined by their assigned user level. This does not apply to the Organizational Account option since the account is automatically activated and no activation email is sent.