About usernames

2016-08-25Last updated

A username is an access credential that is comprised of a valid email address from one of the supported identity providers. A username can be registered to multiple Stratocast™ accounts (multi-account username), and must be activated by the user only once before logging on to any of the accounts that the username is registered to.

Benefits of the multi-account username

A multi-account username is the use of an active username in more than one Stratocast™ account, and for either similar or different user levels. Because you are not limited in the number of accounts that a username is registered to, usernames allow you to be versatile in how you configure your accounts. Using the same username for multiple Stratocast™ accounts allows you to add the same client user to multiple client accounts that you manage. In doing so, the same client users can view all of the cameras across your client accounts and assist you in monitoring your premises.

As shown in the following image, adding client users that are dedicated to the sites located in Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa is a more logical arrangement than having all client users under the same client account. Furthermore, in the multi-account illustration, finding video units and client users is much easier because they are organized based on the location of the site.

How do account activation emails work for multi-account usernames?

A user only receives an activation email once their username is assigned to an account for the first time. If the username gets assigned to another account subsequently, the user only receives an email confirming their registration to this new site, and activation is not required. Once a username is active, assigning that username to another account automatically forces the system to use the first and last names that were entered when first registering the username. As a result, although you must enter a name whenever creating or modifying users, the user's name is not overwritten, regardless of what you enter in the First name and Last name fields.