Adding users to your client account

2021-01-19Last updated

As a client administrator, you can add users to one or more of the accounts that you manage, so that they can view your cameras and assist you in monitoring your premises.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have the required contact information for each client user that you want to add.

What you should know

Only integrators and the client administrator can add client users. You can only add a maximum of nine client users per client account, not including the client administrator, and they can each be assigned unique usernames or the same username.

If you are adding a username that is already registered with another Stratocast™ account, the username's account information such as the first and last names, language preference, and mobile authentication key is not overwritten. By entering the username, Stratocast™ is able to determine whether the user is new or has already been registered to other accounts.


  1. If your username is registered to multiple Stratocast™ accounts, select an account.
  2. Click Configurations (), and then click the Additional users tab.
  3. Click Add a user.
  4. In the Add a user dialog box, enter the client user's full name and the following:
    The language of the user interface. The user must log off and then log on for this change to take effect.
    Identity provider
    The Internet site that provides the user with their user account, which enables single sign-on access to the system.
    The username of the valid user account that is required to log on to the system. To better manage your accounts, you can add the same username to multiple Stratocast™ accounts and for different user levels. For example, the same username can be assigned for an integrator user in one account and a client administrator in another account.
    Note: The Username field can only be edited after the user has activated their account.
  5. (Optional) Clear the Same as username check box, and enter an email address if you want the user to receive emails at a different email address to the one in the Username field. Select this check box if you want the Username and Email address values to be the same.
  6. Click Create.
The status message changes from Creating to Activation required. The client user is created.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.

After you finish

If the user's Stratocast™ account is not active, inform the user to activate their account. If the username is already active in Stratocast™, an email confirming their registration to the new site is sent.