Searching for client users

2016-08-25Last updated

If the list of client users is long and it is difficult to find a particular one, you can search for the user by name to find what you are looking for quickly.

What you should know

You can only search for users by their names. Entering text from the user's username does not yield results.


  1. If your username is registered to multiple Stratocast™ accounts, select an account.
  2. Click Configurations (), and then click the Additional users tab.
  3. In the Search box, enter the name or one or more sequential letters within the user's name that you are searching for.
    The users that correspond to your search criteria appear.
    Note: To display the complete list of users again, clear the Search box and press Enter on your keyboard.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.