Watching playback video

2022-03-09Last updated

When a camera is dragged to a tile and is streaming live video, you can watch playback video captured by that camera.


  1. On the View page, do one of the following:
    • Select a tile whose camera is streaming live video and click .
    • To go to a specific time and date in a video recording, click Seek (), and enter a range or a specific time and date for that video recording.
    The selected tile is maximized and the timeline is displayed at the bottom of the tile.
  2. In the video timeline, do one of the following:
    • Move to a specific position within the timeline by clicking and dragging the timeline either left or right.
    • Watch video that was recorded at a specific date and time by clicking and dragging the playback cursor either left or right on the timeline.
    • Zoom in and out of the timeline to view the contents in your video sequence. You can zoom in and out of the timeline as follows:
      • 1By moving the mouse pointer over the timeline and using your mouse's scroll wheel
    • After browsing backwards or forwards in the video you can recenter the timeline on the current time by using the center timeline buttons ( and ).
    The time and date of the playback video appears at the bottom left corner of the tile, alongside the time zone corresponding to the camera’s location.
  3. To fast forward or rewind the video sequence, click Fast forward or Rewind.
    The video plays as fast as the network connection allows, which might be below the selected playback speed.
    Note: You can only fast forward and rewind video recordings that are stored in the cloud. NAS volumes and SD memory cards are not supported.
  4. To resume playback at normal speed, click .
  5. To zoom in and out of video in a tile, select the tile and use the zoom features that are supported by the camera that is capturing the video.
  6. To switch back to live video, click .
    The tile returns to its normal size and live video is displayed.
Important: If you navigate away from the View page and the video is paused, the playback video that you were watching before leaving the page does not keep its paused state and starts to play automatically when you return to the page.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.