Monitoring your premises in real time

2022-03-09Last updated

After your cameras have been installed, you can monitor your premises by dragging a camera to a tile and watching the live video stream.


  1. Click View () and drag a camera from the selector bar to a tile.
    Tip: To search for a camera by name, enter the name or one or more sequential letters within the camera’s name, in the Search box. To clear your search and reset your list of cameras, click View all.
    Live video appears in the tile.
  2. Drag additional cameras into available tiles or drag the same camera into multiple tiles. You can also replace an occupied tile with a different camera.
    Note: If you exit the View page, your tile display is saved as you left it, so that you do not have to drag your cameras back into tiles when you return.
  3. To zoom in and out of video in a tile, select the tile and use the zoom features that are supported by the camera that is capturing the video.
  4. To clear a tile, select it and click .


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.