About tile patterns

2017-12-19Last updated

A tile pattern is the arrangement of tiles in a canvas. Tile patterns are used to select the preferred layout that a user wants to use when viewing live or playback video.

Persistent tile layout (HTML5 video player only)

When the user navigates from page to page the system remembers what was displayed before.
Note: The last tile pattern layout and session information is stored in the local browser storage and is specific to the account that is logged in.
The last layout including the number of tiles and the cameras in each tile are remembered in the following situations:
  • When logout occurs
  • When switching views (investigate, vault, and so on)
  • When the page is refreshed
  • When the browser is closed
Important: When Switch to playback is clicked from the Investigate page, only the selected camera is displayed in one tile. When an integrator clicks Play from the devices list in client accounts, only the selected camera is displayed in one tile.

Responsive tile layout (HTML5 video player only)

When using a mobile device, the tile pattern layouts that are available vary depending on your device and the number of cameras. The number of tiles is dynamically updated and the tiles are reorganized depending on your device size and resolution. Landscape mode can display more tiles, whereas portrait mode displays a single row.